A Call to Wits

All around me I see people spewing cruelty as if it were nothing but a minor inconvenience, thinking it makes them look commendable to break the laws of society. When in reality it just makes you look senseless, like you have no control. I see people destroying other’s property for the sake of making their voice heard; when in reality, all I hear is the sound of someone breaking the law.

People believe violence is the only way to make change. To all those who think hurting someone is the only way to re-write history, I ask you to re-evaluate your senses and your way of thinking. Because all I see are animals that are being led by their primal emotions.

In order to make change you must make your voice heard in ways that are not violent or crude or insulting. I implore those who want to change things to write. Take a pen, a computer, anything, and write. Write down your most inner thoughts and feelings on a topic. Write until you can no longer form words, until your hand is in pain, until you feel your emotions subside. Because when that happens, you have written your greatest work.

Write about topics that are important to you and your fellow Americans, write to senators, governors, anyone in power who can make change where your power ceases. Write and write and write. Do not stop. Write until you are sure that you have said everything you need to say. Make your voice heard, do not let your fists be felt. Do not degrade the man who holds the highest office, instead, write and let yourself be knowledgeable on his policies, ask questions, demand answers.

This America, our America, is now under our control. We must fight, not with our fists, but with our intellect. Those who make the most change, do it in silence. They do it on paper with only the sound of a scratching pen or the tapping of keys to accompany them. These people write symphonies with almost no experience in music. They write sonnets of love and a peaceful future without having any experience of what that truly is. Because the most powerful weapon you can have is your intellect, and what you hope can be reality one day; and no one can ever take that away from you. So, go out and write. And be prepared for retaliation, because a war is not a war without an opponent whom seeks to strike you down.


Truth, a beauty

Oh, truth! Truly you are a sight to behold

Alas, many betray you and even fewer accept you for what you are

Oh, truth! Truly you are a sight to behold

Time is your lover, slowly revealing you unto him, and thus showing your beauty

However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Which means others abuse you, others use you, and others hold you close and never let you go

Oh, truth! Truly you are a sight to behold

I promise to cherish you and show the world your beauty, to show them that cruelty is not the means by which we all live

I promise to utilize your powerful voice and your striking essence to better the heart of man who has been so lonely and without aid

Together, my love, we will do the unthinkable and change that which has been unchanged for many lifetimes

Oh truth, my dearest! Truly you are a sight to behold